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Meet Elite Agility Coaching

Never Settle and Never Give up - You are a CHAMPION!

My Story

Knowledge Is Power

Since 2020, I have had only one vision—to provide the ultimate environment for youth and adult athletes to grow and succeed. It’s about being there from day one, motivating you to surpass every possible goal, and turning you into a real champion. It’s about commitment.

As a professional, I’ve been privileged to see so many of my students develop and discover their personal strengths and gain the confidence to fight and achieve greater results. Open the door to your new life.

Join me today.

What should I expect as a parent and or client


What improvements should I expect from your Speed and Agility Training Program?​

  • Running Mechanics

  • Acceleration

  • Agility

  • Lateral Quickness

  • Vertical

  • Speed Endurance

  • Absolute Power (Strength)

  • The proper mindset in playing sports


  • At the end of each session, we provide a mental health and motivational outlook on your child's training and goals.


At Elite Agility Coaching, all of our training is based around the 4 pillars we believe to be at the center of athletic performance. Our programs are built on the pillars of movement, speed, strength, and conditioning. Many programs and coaches understand some of these pillars and may do a great job of implementing at least one of them, but it takes certified professionals to understand the long-term athletic development of an athlete and know how to train all pillars in an effective manner. No matter what age, time of year (in-season vs. off-season), sport, or skill level, every athlete can benefit from a well-rounded program that has these 4 pillars in mind.



  • An Athlete’s commitment and hard work leads to a TESTABLE result – improved Athleticism

  • That’s why Elite Agility Athletes participate in Performance Testing every 90 days

  • Athletes monitor and stay motivated by tracking their progress across a variety of events, including:

    • Vertical Jump

    • Broad Jump

    • 20 Yard Dash

    • Pro Agility Test

    • Bench Press (or Pushups)

    • Pull-Ups (or Inverted Row)

    • Performance Testing at Elite Agility is fun, competitive, and REWARDING!

Elite Agility Coaching

Office Contact

600 North Broad Street, Suite 5 #3606

Middletown, DE 19709

Telephone: (844) Elite-60

(844) 354-8360

(text) (302) 981-2456

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