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Get to Know Elite Agility Coaching

It’s in My Blood

Our mission here at Elite Agility Coaching is to provide the absolute highest quality sports performance, recreational kid's fitness, and general fitness services in the Kent County, Delaware region, centered around an uplifting, positive community and high energy atmosphere that is unique.

Elite Agility Coaching can take you anywhere—from learning new skills and techniques to achieving your athletic goals young or old. I work with students that are eager to start a new chapter of strength and wellness. If you’re looking for someone reliable to take you on this fitness journey, you’re in the right place. Are you ready to make progress?


Mental Performance Coaching

With mental performance coaching, we will help you build mental toughness by teaching you how to manage fear and anxiety, develop high confidence in your skills, and craft a successful image of yourself. 

Reaction Light Training System

How do you pick up your feet faster or learn to spot a target downfield in a blink? Using reaction training lights like the Reflexx RLT system helps you hone your skills on the track or field by challenging your visual and athletic responses. Set out a grid of our lights, set the program, and move from light to light, tapping out as you go. Over time, your feet will move faster, your visual reactions will improve, and key skills will be honed through repetition

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