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Why is Speed & Agility Important?

Athletes experience more success and have more confidence on their chosen field of play when they work to improve their speed and agility. They’ll react faster, move more fluidly, and make more plays.

How do we train Speed & Agility?

Elite Agility teaches proper running mechanics and posture while incorporating a dedicated focus on linear speed, lateral speed, footwork, change of direction, jumping, and landing.

What is Strength & Conditioning?

Engaging in activities to improve performance by applying the general sports training principles of overload, reversibility, progression, individualization, periodization, and specificity. 


Why is Strength & Conditioning Important?

To achieve their full potential, aspiring Athletes must understand proper posture, balance their movement patterns, build supporting and stabilizing muscle groups, improve mobility, and enhance their coordination. 

How do we train Strength & Conditioning?

Elite Agility believes in age-appropriate strength and resistance training. We prioritize safety in every movement by focusing on proper mechanics first, followed by consistency, and then intensity.

Outdoor Basketball Game

What is Injury Prevention?

The outcome of the collective training activities consistently performed by an athlete to help him/her avoid major or season-ending injury.

Why is Injury Prevention Important?

Athletes want to be able to perform at their best, and they never want to miss out on games or competitions due to injury.  Well-rounded athletes who train their body and movement patterns will be better prepared, more resilient, and able to thrive throughout the demands of a season, postseason, and beyond.

How do we train Injury Prevention?

Elite Agility provides a comprehensive and well-rounded program to develop speed, agility, strength, body awareness, movement mechanics, and posture. In all, it’s a great way to help ensure your Athlete stays strong, ready, and on their chosen field of play.


Elite Coaches have a passion for motivating and developing all Athletes, from the young and emerging to the advanced and elite.

Our coaching staff brings a diverse background of undergraduate and advanced degrees, coaching and training certifications, as well as playing and coaching experiences.

All our coaches are committed to providing a structured, safe, and highly productive training environment that’s positive, high-energy, and fun!


Concentrate on specific skills to enhance your game. 1-on-1 sessions are scheduled for 30 to 120 minutes and must be scheduled in advance with your trainer.


Professionally-coached early athletic development program tailored for athletes ages 4 to 7 of any skill level. This structured, fun & positive environment will leave your child wanting to come back again and again. Participants will learn Running Mechanics, Hand-Eye Coordination, Body Awareness, Body Control, Confidence & Teamwork. Activities include Agility Drills, Obstacle Courses, Relay Races & more.


(for Adults!)

Functional workouts for Adults led by certified professionals who will tailor and modify your training based on your goals. Effective, fun, and great for all fitness levels.

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